Field Crop Disease and Insect Loss Calculator

A research tool for calculating estimated historical yield loss in corn, cotton, soybean, and wheat from diseases and invertebrate pests

The purpose of this calculator is to share economically important information on estimated crop losses from diseases and invertebrate pests (insects, slugs, etc.). This calculator can query multiple types of production and disease or invertebrate pest yield loss data for a variety of user-defined factors. The loss values here are expert estimates and not actual loss values. See About for important data notes which may impact your desired inquiry.

The data is collected to help identify changes in diseases over time, which can help inform research needs and best management practices. For example, frogeye leaf spot of soybean caused average yearly losses of approximately 460,000 bushels from 1996-2000 in Midwestern states, while average yearly losses caused by this disease from 2013-2017 were approximately 7,600,000 bushels in those same states.

The goal is to better inform industry agronomists, researchers, extension workers, commodity groups, and funding agencies about the impact of diseases and arthropod pests on corn, cotton, soybean, and wheat production in order to more effectively direct limited time and resources. Annual data summaries are available for selected years at the Crop Protection Network

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